Full Glass Full Heart

Full Glass Full Heart

Coming out

Our son is Gay. He finally came out to us a year ago. Did we know before that? OF COURSE! But we wait for him to tell us himself. During his early teenage years we could see the struggle. I only asked him once and that was because my brother saw his profile on instagramContinue reading “Coming out”

Free Therapy

I am so grateful for my girlfriends! If it wasn’t for them, I am not sure what my mental state would be right now. A little background on us….. We call ourselves the Wine Buds. We started out as 9, then 10, and have now capped at 11 women. Our cupth runneth over with love,Continue reading “Free Therapy”

Healthy Living

Tonight’s healthy dinner!Feta, Spinach and Turkey Burgers topped with Tzatziki dressing with a side of cucumber quinoa salad.We used wraps instead of buns. Here is the recipe for the burgers. http://www.eatingwell.com/recipe/262569/greek-turkey-burgers-with-spinach-feta-tzatziki/ The Cucumber salad consisted of: 2 cucumbers zoodle style2 Small beetsA portion of Orange bell pepper sliced1/4 cup Quinoa1/2 Avocado diced1/2 Fresh squeezed LemonContinue reading “Healthy Living”

New Year, New Hope

They say, today is the first blank page of a 365 page book…. so what is your first chapter going to be about?! How are you going to start your New Year?? I slept till 7am….. because our fur babies allowed me to! I scratched off my son’s holiday scratch-off’s because he wasn’t going to….andContinue reading “New Year, New Hope”

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  1. Family dynamics can get bad enough even without other issues getting in the way. My mother and mother in law…

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