New Year, New Hope

They say, today is the first blank page of a 365 page book…. so what is your first chapter going to be about?! How are you going to start your New Year??

I slept till 7am….. because our fur babies allowed me to! I scratched off my son’s holiday scratch-off’s because he wasn’t going to….and won $3! I’m a winner already! Then I took my Thrive vitamins and sat down with a nice hot cup of Starbuck’s Caramel Keurig coffee. Sounds nice doesn’t it?! That is what you see on the surface…..

Inside my brain, its like organized chaos going on….. does Jack need to go out again, is my husband finally getting sleep from his difficult biopsy procedure, the christmas decoration needs to come down, I need to do some work before going to work tomorrow, oh and I need to restart the laundry…… all of this is going on while I sit calmly on my couch, watching Jack pace in circles wondering if he needs to go out again or if he will finally lay down. He laid down so I better not get up or all that work he did to finally lay his arthritis ridden body down was for nothing.

This is every Saturday and Sunday, so I’m pretty used to this routine. If you are wondering where Greyson is, he is snuggled up under the blanket next to me, squirming every so often to let me know he’s still under there.

I wasn’t sure how last night’s ringing in the new year would go. We got home from Georgetown University Hospital close to 6pm. I helped hubby into the house and into bed because he was in a lot of pain from the procedure. Mind you, this is his 4th biopsy, but this has felt the worst. This time the went in closer to his side instead of the front to pull cells from his liver and one of the side effects of the Immunotherapy is a cough, so its been difficult. He is a trooper though. Toughest guy I’ve seen because he tries so hard not to take anything…. until now.

After getting him settled, I go downstairs. I’m not in a New Year’s celebratory mood, so to avoid regular television, I turn on Amazon Prime and start watching Modern Love. We actually started it last weekend and I was now going to was episode 3 of season 1. It’s really good and the stories are heartfelt and just true on to what goes on in life on every level. Our son comes home from being out to dinner with friends, plops on the couch to tell me how his night went and a continued text conversation with his friends of plans that fell though. I love when he talks to me about his life. He doesn’t do it often so I try just to listen and provide advice in the form of a question so he doesn’t shut down. then I throw in a, Have you decided on a major for college yet (he’s a junior in HS). He will roll his eyes and that when the conversation trails and he goes and plays his online video games with his buddies….. good for me because I can now go back to watching my show he interrupted (smirking). I watched a total of three episodes, checking in on hubby after each to make sure he was comfortable (as much as he could be) or if he needed anything, and then back downstairs I went. I must had fallen asleep on. the couch because I was startled by our son yelling “MOM, ok, lets do this!” I had no idea what he was talking about at first until he changed the channel to the Dick Clark’s New Year’s countdown and it was 16 minutes till 2020. He first poured himself some sparkling grape juice and I poured myself from Sparkling Apothic Red wine and we watched and waited. He finished his glass and poured himself some of my sparkling red wine….that was a different taste for him. We watched the ball drop. Happy New Year toast, made a wish, Took a selfie of the two of us, went upstairs to celebrate with hubby and it was all over. Just like that, it is now 2020.

I only have one goal for this new year and it is to spend as much time with my husband as possible. For us to see new places and do new things as his energy allows….. or more importantly, he allows.

My First Chapter is New Year, New Hope for my husband! Here’s to the Immunotherapy working!

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