Lola Love

Can you guess where I’m at? One of the few places to get some “me” and this is what I get. Every morning, its the same routine….which means you now know my routine (**blushing**). Me with my phone typing up my next blog or playing words with friends. All the while our geriatric dog, Jack is pacing outside the door. You can here his paws moving past the door on the hardwood floor. I let him out before I can do my business…..but that doesn’t mean that he has done all his business. (**eye roll**).

Lola, in that sink, she is the most loving cat. I mean look at that face and if you could only hear her loud purrrrr. It’s like a 425 XTO Outboard motor. She is so loving…… or she is trying to buttery me up for sone treats because once I stop petting her, she is gone, like a whisper in the wind.

The house is so quiet at 7am. Nothing but a purring kitty, a pacing dog, and sometimes you can hear Greyson (our miniature dachshund) from the kitchen wimpering to be let out. Yep, that is our nice quiet and peaceful house, every morning.

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

I now have to go and finish decorating the house before everyone gets up!!

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