Don’t Think…. Do!!!

It is so important to reach out to those who need it. Don’t think…. Do!!! The smallest gesture to let someone know you care may not seem like much to but it can mean the whole world to the person on the receiving end.

Since my husband has been diagnosed with cancer, we are starting to see who is truly there, through thick and thin. I almost said, we are frinding out who our true friends are, but that would be wrong. They are still our friends. I just don’t know why cancer would drive us further apart. It should bring us closer together.

Saturday night, I went to a holiday party solo. I knew there was a chance that I would spend part of the night answering the standard questions. Some friends, who we haven’t seen in a long time had additioal, probing questions. Which is ok with me, I guess. It kept me from playing the annual guys against girls flip cup game and being in a state of uselessness. The girls lost.

I listened and empathized to friends telling me about their family members having brain surgery, their parents getting older and having issues to parents who live in a Florida assisted community that is “free loving”. I started to feel that I was shortchanging them out of our story. Lol

We all have something going on in our lives, some more than others. It is hard enough to reach out to others for help, so when someone opens up to you, give them your time and listen. We aren’t looking for you to solve our problems. We just need to let out what we have been holding in for so long. We also need to know that you care, whether its through email, text, and/or phone call.

This isn’t a one-way friendship. I will be there for you too. That’s what friends do. It’s never balanced and there’s no scorecard, only love….and wine.

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