Tasty Tuesday

I love cooking! My husband is the culinary dropout and he is good at smoking and grilling! Oh and i can’t forget his delicious cheesecakes! They are the best! Me, I can go into the cabinet and whip something up. I may see a recipe and want to make it, but don’t have all the ingredients (and don’t feel like going back out), so I will improvise!

So, i think on Tuesday’s, I will start sharing my recipes!

Here is one of my dishes:

  • A bag of chicken mozzarella tortellini
  • Creamed spinach steamer (I used birds eye brand)
  • 1 can of Cream of mushroom soup
  • Bone broth (enough to loosen the soup but not make it soupy)
  • Mushrooms (I used sliced baby portobellos)

Boil the tortellini as on package
Microwave creamed spinach steamer as on package
Drain water after boiling tortellini. Mix creamed spinach with tortellini. Add soup and mix. Gradually, 1 ladle at a time add bone broth to the mix, stirring till you have a creamy mixer of everything. Add mushrooms. I like to break my bigger mushroom up, but whatever you prefer. Cover an cook on low to allow the mushrooms to soften. If your creaminess thickens, just add more bone broth to loosen it up.
Serve and top with parmesan cheese.

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