Cheerleading isn’t a sport

Says the person who doesn’t cheerlead. Did I catch your attendtion? Good! That’s not what this read is about though….. well, not really.

My husband just had his fouth liver biopsy followed by his second Immunotherapy treatment. This was the most painful biopsy and with the cough he has developed from the Immunotherapy has made recovery more difficult. The fevers come on at least once a day and break with Tylenol, until this weekend.

Friday, he was starting to feel on the upswing and so we planned to go to the movies. Then the mother of all fevers set in and he was in bed all day. For the first time he started experiencing mutliple fevers and one at 102.3. Needless to say, we were not making it to the movies and he was so upset about it. We have not had a date night out in so long and he was looking forward to it. Me, I was too, but I also worry about his health being around others at the movie theater and all the germs. He just started the Immunotherapy treatments so I suspect his immune system is somewhat compromised. So off to bed he went.

Sunday morning, I get up around 7am and let Jack outside before he has an accident. Feed all the fur babies and then let Jack back in. I go back upstairs to wake our son up because he has bowling practice and he is going to have to drive himself today. I have too much housework to get done…. and some healthy cooking.

I start with putting clean sheets on our bed, and then time to tackle the 8 loads of laundry that needs to be folded in the spare bedroom. But wait! There’s more laundry to be washed, so I also started a new load. While waiting on the next load to be dried, washed the master tub, cleaned the ceiling fans, folded and put away the clothes on my dresser. Don’t judge me….its all done now. I let Jack out again and then I decide to make some healthy ham, egg and pesto cups and bacon for breakfast. By now, my hubby is waking up. I run upstairs to switch the laundry over to the dryer and start a new load. I put the clothes from the dryer on the spare bed and waste no time to fold them because if I don’t I will quit all together. No breaks and no rest for the weary. We eat breakfast and I go right into vacuuming the downstairs. No sooner did I vacuum, I turn around and there is Jack’s hair on the carpet. I clean up the kitchen from breakfast and decide I now want to make a healthy snack. It worked out perfect because the hubby wanted some chocolate, so I made cheerio bars that had dark chocolate drizzed on top. After that, I started prepping for a late lunch early dinner.

I don’t know how the homemaker does it. This is a hard job and I only scratched the surface of cleaning. I could not do this everyday and I commend those who do. I love cooking but I loathe doing laundry! Being a homemaker is a full-time job and definitely taken for granted. I washed all the clothes on my kids bedroom floor and my child didn’t even thank me. So to all my mother homemakers out there, THANK YOU FOR KEEPING EVERYTHING STRAIGHT!! I’m sure you don’t hear it enough, but I think you are wonderful! You just never know until you are in their shoes and I feel more in their shoes this past year more than ever! It’s like saying cheerleading isn’t a sport, but you have never tried it, so how would you know!

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