New Year, New Hope

They say, today is the first blank page of a 365 page book…. so what is your first chapter going to be about?! How are you going to start your New Year?? I slept till 7am….. because our fur babies allowed me to! I scratched off my son’s holiday scratch-off’s because he wasn’t going to….andContinue reading “New Year, New Hope”

Grey-ing the Day Away

This is Greyson. He is the youngest in our family and he was a surprise! As you can see from his picture he has a lot of personality! He is hyper and energetic…… and loves to give kisses! He has warmed his way into our hearts at a most difficult time. You see, 3 yearsContinue reading “Grey-ing the Day Away”

Don’t Think…. Do!!!

It is so important to reach out to those who need it. Don’t think…. Do!!! The smallest gesture to let someone know you care may not seem like much to but it can mean the whole world to the person on the receiving end. Since my husband has been diagnosed with cancer, we are startingContinue reading “Don’t Think…. Do!!!”

Coffee talk

Good morning! I thought about what I would chat about today……. with so much swirling around in my head. So I have decided to start the day off with you….. My two followers, with some coffee and Bailey’s in my Merry Elfin Christmas mug, my dogs driving me crazy in the background hoping that IContinue reading “Coffee talk”

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