Thursday after Christmas we were baack at Georgetown University Hospital for a follow-up apt from my husband being sick and being taken off the trial meds till he recovered. Driving to G’town and making it under two hours is like hitting the lotto. We hit it that day! We got there early and then sat in the waiting room for at least 20 minutes past our appointment time…. go figure!

As we sit waiting, we are talking, and then as the conversation ends, I start to notice everything around is…..the people, the lighting, the coffee machine…..and the sounds. The TV was on this channels that had smooth talking voice and the pictures were environmental, like waterfalls and flowing streams with birds chirping and what not. In my mind I was like, WHAT IS THIS, no cartoons or at least something funny?! People with cancer don’t want to meditate. They need a distraction and want to feel somewhat normal. I looked at my husband and asked, do you feel relaxed. He looked at me annoyed and said no, not really. Two minutes later a couple walk into the waiting area where we are and the gentleman says to the gentlemansitting in front of us, What, no cartoons?!! I couldn’t help but smile.

After all, laughter is the best medicine!

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