Don’t Think…. Do!!!

It is so important to reach out to those who need it. Don’t think…. Do!!! The smallest gesture to let someone know you care may not seem like much to but it can mean the whole world to the person on the receiving end. Since my husband has been diagnosed with cancer, we are startingContinue reading “Don’t Think…. Do!!!”

Quality of Life

This past week gave us such a scare and that iscwhy I haven’t posted. I would start but then couldn’t finish. My husband just started Immunotherapy and the first few days he felt great! Until……he didn’t. At first he thought it was just a cold (considering our son had just gotten over having mono) andContinue reading “Quality of Life”

Wine is like your Friends

Ever feel like wine can be like your friends (or vice versa)? Say you have a brand of Prosecco that is truely your favorite, your go to every time. Unfortunately, this time, where you are or decide to go (store, restaurant, bar, etc) its not available. There is another brand that you have had before.Continue reading “Wine is like your Friends”

Family Matters

This one is a hard one to write. If my husband knew I was writing this, he would kill me! Let’s just rip the bandaid off…… My Mother in-law doesn’t like me. There, I said It! I know, I know…… what’s new! Most people have some issue with their in-laws. I love my Father in-law!Continue reading “Family Matters”

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