My husband says that I am the human version of a cat. The way he describes “Us” is; We want love but only when we want it. We are very affectionate for about 5 minutes, then after that…. leave me alone and don’t touch me. We will do what we want, when we want, and how we want….and don’t try an stop me! Oh, and can’t forget…. we are stubborn!

The picture above is Lola. She is one of our shelter rescue cats. She was a tough nut crack when we brought her home as a kitten. She is almost 3 years old now…..and yes, we are soooooo much a like!! Some of the above may be relatable. Lol

I have never been a cat person. Her and Jonesy have changed my mind and I think the tieds are turning from dog person to cat person. I love them both, but one side is getting 51% of the vote right now.

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