Thirsty Thursday

This wine has been sitting aging on my wine rake for some time now. I opened it to be part of my red wine beef stew recipe. I finally drank some last night and wow….. bold on thecsenses and structured in taste. It says its good with beef and venison, but I also think it is a nice sipping wine….. like a bourbon wind down before bed.

I think this was part of a wine box I received in the mail, but I looked up the cost and its pretty inexpensive.

Just Jack!

For those who get the reference…… I love that show and was so happy it came back….and now sad that it is going away again.

This is Jack and he is as beautiful and loving as the day my mom rescued him and his sister on the coldest day of the year by the dumpster almost 16 years ago.

This year has been the most difficult for Jack as his arthritis gets worse and doggie dementia sets in. It reminds me of what Rocko went through before he passed away.

He is a fighter though and even though he paces constantly, Greyson keeps him smiling and playful. You can see it in his face how happy he is which makes it harder with each passing day.

I don’t even know if he can even see. There are times where he is looking at you, but he really can’t see you. One thing is for sure though, he knows where I am. He will sleep all day while I am at work, but once I’m home he doesn’t leave my side. I am not kidding! I can’t move without tripping over him at least 100 times a day! It’s a wonder we haven’t broken anything! Lol

I am so happy that I was able to capture this picture of him. As Ed Sheeran’s song, Photograph goes:

“We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And time’s forever frozen still”

So, no matter how much time we have left together, we will always have this.

Consolation Christmas

We are suppose to have dinner at my Brother’s inlaws house. My brother, his with and my nephew are in town from Hawaii (yes….) and my SIL’s 3 three sisters will be there also. Dinner is at 2-3pm, so our plan is to leave around 1:30ish. Dan even made a cheesecake last night to take over. His cheesecakes are Amazing!!

It’s Christmas morning and at 7am no one is up but me. Its my time to take care of the animals….. mainly Jack so he doesn’t have an accident. For a couple of hours everything feels normal. Around 9am, my husband awakes and finds his way downstairs, makes some coffee and gingerly sits on the couch. It is then that I start making breakfast, bacon and hashbrowns. I hold off on making eggs until our son gets up.

As the morning goes on, I can see there is something off about my husband. I can see it on his face that he is scared, more withdrawn and just really fatigued. I have already showered and dressed ready to go. He retires to the bedroom to lay down. We have about an hour before we are supposed to leave, so I’m thinking that he just needs a little time until he tells me he can’t go. Normally, he insist on me to going but not this time. Now he has me worried. As I sit by his bedside and try to muster up my positivity mode, I start to tear up. I tell him that I love him and that we will get through this just like before….this is temorary. I know you are scared and I am scared too, but ee will keep fighting. I have to believe that the Immunotherapy is working and it reacts differently that chemotherapy. I tell him that I’m not leaving his side and I will continue to annoy him with my positivity.

I contact my brother and family to let them know that we were not coming. I then go back upstairs and lay down with my husband and as he spoons me, we take a hour and a half nap.

It’s 3:30pm, we missed Christmas dinner and its too late to go to the store. It’s a good thing that I love to cook and I’m pretty good at improvising! So, I pulled some chicken breasts out of the freezer and threw them into a water bath to thaw. My thought is that I would do an itailian and herb panko the chicken and serve with potatoes and a veggie. Whelp, not panko so now I have to come up with something else. Still going with the veggie and potatoes, that’s easy! I remembered one of my friends posting something they made with wrapped in chicken. I sprayed a sheet pan with olive oil and laid out the chicken. I then spread basil pesto with salt and pepper; then spinach and arugula; then mozzarella and then top it with tomato pesto before wrapping the chicken closed sealing with a toothpick. Before putting into the oven at 350°, I sprinkle with Zesty italian seasoning, salt and pepper for added flavor. It turned out pretty well and my family loved it! Not bad for a consolation Christmas dinner.

Grey-ing the Day Away

This is Greyson. He is the youngest in our family and he was a surprise! As you can see from his picture he has a lot of personality! He is hyper and energetic…… and loves to give kisses! He has warmed his way into our hearts at a most difficult time.

You see, 3 years ago, we lost our beloved Rocko. He was my first miniature dachshund. He was black and tan and full of spunk. He lived a good life and he was almost 16 years old when he was called to doggie heaven.

We still have three furry family members, our dog Jack (going on 16yrs) and our cats Jonesy and Lola (5 and 3 yrs).

So fast forward…….

We did not plan on getting anymore animals. One reason being that Jack is geriatric and needs a lot of care. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain, but his arthritis is getting really bad. Bringing another fur baby into the house just wouldn’t be fair to him. The other reason, well, my husband has stage 4 colon cancer. He was diagnosed August 20th, 2018.

So, other than what I just mentioned above, it was a normal day, October 23, 2018. I had gone to the grocery store after work to pick up a few things, when I get a text from my husband, “Where are you?” I’m at the store, I replied. So, I finished getting the last few items in my shopping. A few minutes later, my husband is now calling me. I answered the phone with urgency, worried. You see, during this time, my husband was not doing well. He was in the thick of chemotherapy, both IV and pills. The chemo took every bit of energy out of him. So, first the text and now the phone call. I answer, “What’s wrong?!!” His reply which had me scared, was, “I need you to come home now.” I hurried to the checkout line, thinking, ok, this lady is almost done, so I should be able to checkout quickly. My mind is racing as I put all my things on the belt. And then I see the elderly lady pull out her checkbook. Everything is now moving in slow motion because I am in a hurry. I almost said screw it and left everything on the belt, but I didn’t. I rushed home, grabbed all my bags in one swoop and rushed into the house, frantic…. “What’s Wrong??!!”

I round the corner and there are these strangers in my house. A young lady probably in her late twenties and very pretty and an even younger lady, at least the age of 18 years. They are standing in the kitchen with my husband, who is leaning back against the counter. I had no idea what was going on! The older young lady turns around and she has this 8-week old pup in her arms wrapped in a grey towel. With a perplexed look on my face, my husband yells, SURPRISE!!, your mom bought “you” (emphasized) a dog! I am still confused and he says again…. “Your Mom bought YOU a dog!” The young lady proceeds to tell us how my mom contacted her through Facebook and how she felt it was time. The young lady then said to me, I understand what you are going through as your husband told us while we were waiting for you. I totally understand if you want to not accept him or if you want to keep him for seven days before you make your decision. I will give your mom a full refund if you decide that that you just can’t handle it. I am now crying and I look at her, chuckle and say, “if you leave him, you won’t get him back, let me just say that now.” I then look at my husband and say this is a joint decision. Shaking his head, he said, nope, your name is on the paperwork, not mine. This is your dog. Well, as you can see, you know what decision I made.

That night, I sent my mom a text with a picture of Greyson letting her know how mad I am at her, Thank you and we will talk about this in the morning since it was late in the evening.

So, now we have this energetic puppy that is like having a baby, a geriatric dog who needs extra care, and my husband who has cancer and needs extra care himself.

It wasn’t till weeks maybe a few months when I was looking at Grayson’s paperwork that I noticed he was born on August 20, 2018. Does that date sound familiar? Coincidence? I believe that things happen for a reason and he was brought into our life with a purpose and he reminds us everyday with the love he gives.

Wine is like Your Friends

Ever find that wine is like your friends. You have wines for every occasion, everyday wines, party wines, special occasion wines, etc.

Same goes for your friends. There are some friends you get to hang out with almost everyday and then there are friends you get to hang out with on special occasions. Then you have your PARTY Friends! You can’t hang out with them all the time because I don’t think your liver could handle it!

None the less, they are all great wines for every occasion but all things in moderation though. You don’t want to wear our your welcome or get tired of each other.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Drink responsibly and call and call an uber!

Lola Love

Can you guess where I’m at? One of the few places to get some “me” and this is what I get. Every morning, its the same routine….which means you now know my routine (**blushing**). Me with my phone typing up my next blog or playing words with friends. All the while our geriatric dog, Jack is pacing outside the door. You can here his paws moving past the door on the hardwood floor. I let him out before I can do my business…..but that doesn’t mean that he has done all his business. (**eye roll**).

Lola, in that sink, she is the most loving cat. I mean look at that face and if you could only hear her loud purrrrr. It’s like a 425 XTO Outboard motor. She is so loving…… or she is trying to buttery me up for sone treats because once I stop petting her, she is gone, like a whisper in the wind.

The house is so quiet at 7am. Nothing but a purring kitty, a pacing dog, and sometimes you can hear Greyson (our miniature dachshund) from the kitchen wimpering to be let out. Yep, that is our nice quiet and peaceful house, every morning.

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

I now have to go and finish decorating the house before everyone gets up!!

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