Mixed Emotions

Yep, another post….. and right now I have no followers so this is pretty much a living diary.

Ever go through a traumatic situation or something impactful where the person you thought would be there for you isn’t? This is happening to me right now. It hurts so much that you just want to scream in their face every time you see them and say HELLO!!!!! What is wrong with you?! Can’t you see that I need you!! Most days I just want to cry because they aren’t there. Then I get mad and then I say I’m over it, but really, I’m not. Then on the other side, I start thinking that maybe they think they feel they are being there for me. But really, they are absent. Then you have friends who feel they should be included on your group updates, yet they have only reached out twice and mainly to say how “they aren’t good at this stuff but there here if we need them.” Uhhhhh…… Thanks…..

So, I go through a myriad amount of emotions throughout the day. I’m normally a positive person. But yoyou have to train your brain for it to be a habit. That doesn’t mean I dont cry and that happens at odd times….. listening to music, a scene in a movie, or just a thought. Even though crying is a release, in my mind I feel weak. I cry alone because my husband doesn’t need the additional hurt and I need to be strong for him and our son. To get through the days, I start with positive and motivational quotes and I end the day with them. It’s what helps me. Try it for yourself but you have to keep up with it till it becomes a habit. Then you will feel the positive change.

You will find that even on your loneliest days, these quotes will keep you going. That and your family needs you so you will do whatever it takes to be their rock through the pounding storm.

The wine helps too! 😉🥂🍷

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