Consolation Christmas

We are suppose to have dinner at my Brother’s inlaws house. My brother, his with and my nephew are in town from Hawaii (yes….) and my SIL’s 3 three sisters will be there also. Dinner is at 2-3pm, so our plan is to leave around 1:30ish. Dan even made a cheesecake last night to takeContinue reading “Consolation Christmas”

Grey-ing the Day Away

This is Greyson. He is the youngest in our family and he was a surprise! As you can see from his picture he has a lot of personality! He is hyper and energetic…… and loves to give kisses! He has warmed his way into our hearts at a most difficult time. You see, 3 yearsContinue reading “Grey-ing the Day Away”

Family Matters

This one is a hard one to write. If my husband knew I was writing this, he would kill me! Let’s just rip the bandaid off…… My Mother in-law doesn’t like me. There, I said It! I know, I know…… what’s new! Most people have some issue with their in-laws. I love my Father in-law!Continue reading “Family Matters”

Coffee talk

Good morning! I thought about what I would chat about today……. with so much swirling around in my head. So I have decided to start the day off with you….. My two followers, with some coffee and Bailey’s in my Merry Elfin Christmas mug, my dogs driving me crazy in the background hoping that IContinue reading “Coffee talk”

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