I have always felt that dreams have meaning and provide a message.

Last night, I dreamt that I was somewhere, I don’t even know our location, with my boss. I don’t really get along with my boss. Let’s just say, as other’s put it; We have baggage. We used to work together before and he was an egotistical, know it all back then. Now he is in a power and is a bigger hot head who makes people feel small to make himself feel better.

Yep, he was in my dream last night and it felt so real. We were having real conversations. Conversations that you have where you are struggling to know the “real person. We are outside. The atmosphere and surrounding environment seemed cold and almost bare. The sun was trying to shine through the thick cloud cover. We were on tracing through white sand on a beach like we were on a mission. The strange thing about this mission was, we had to talk. We are both hard headed cynical people who are not not good at opening up let alone sharing feelings. Almost like looking into a mirror.

So, now, I’m on a beach with my boss, who can’t stand me, and now I see something falling out of the sky……

As this object gets closer, I notice, it’s not falling, it’s targeting us. I am now panicking but there is nowhere to go. My boss keeps talking. I wish I could remember what the specifics of our conversation. I can’t tell who is having the issue of letting the other person in, him or I.

The object……now bomb is getting closer. My boss’s voice calms and the tone of our conversation changes. Just as the bomb gets close to the ground, it stops just before hitting it. It just stops, hovering about 5ft above the ground, with the words NAPAL on it. Like I know what that means. Then, the bomb starts straying air…. gas….something. It was like a pipe burst.

Then I woke up.

Thoughts on what it may mean? What do you think?

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