Wine is like your friends

Ever feel like wine can be like your friends (or vice versa)? Ever had a wine that tasted so good that you may have over indulged in its libation?! It enticed you. Said all the right things. Had you coming back for more! It made you laugh, have a good time, and was there for you the whole evening. It wasnt cheap either! You both had such a good time that you may not remember everything at the end of the night! Then you wake up the next day and you find that you were betrayed!!! What kind of friend….I mean not cheap wine makes makes you feel this! I’m never drinking again kind of morning!! You may even think you have the “flu”!

None the less…..sometimes you just have to get back in the saddle and go to the “hair of the dog”!! I think I’m gonna have to pick my friends… I mean wine more wisely!!

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