Do ever notice how obsevant you are? For example, you are looking to buy a new car and you do all your research, make, model, color….and then all of a sudden you are seeing this car everywhere! You see it on the TV, out in town, and then your coworker has it. Now you don’t know if you want it more or not at all because you don’t want to be like everyone else. It’s almost overkill and annoying.

Well, that is how it has been once my husband got cancer. It is EVERYWHERE! You can’t escape it. I’m mean, I’m sure he wishes he could…. but he doesn’t need it thrown in his face with it in every other commercial. We Get it!

We can’t even watch a movie or television show without someone having cancer or being diagnosed with cancer. Date night a few weeks back. He wasn’t feeling well so we decided to stay in, watch a movie and eat some popcorn. Nothing new had been released so we were scrolling through and saw an Adam Sandler movie. We thought, comedy, GREAT! You can’t go wrong with Adam Sandler and we hadn’tseen this one yet. We could use some laughs and he is funny as shit!

This is where you stop reading if you don’t want me to spoil the movie for you.

Ok….. so the movie is kind of corny but funny and kept our attention. Then we figure out the plot of the movie….. He has cancer! Whelp, guess we are not having sex tonight….. Thanks a lot Adam!

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